What is Squared+?

Squared+ is an online digital marketing programme designed for marketers to enhance their skills and leverage the power of AI in their marketing strategies. It is a comprehensive CPD-accredited programme that equips participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to engage customers effectively, drive growth, and stay ahead in the dynamic marketing industry.
In addition, Squared+ also incorporates leadership principles into its curriculum, providing marketers with the skills and mindset to effectively lead marketing teams and drive successful campaigns in today's rapidly evolving business environment.

Squared+ course highlights

  • Typically 6 months completion time
  • Learn 100% online
  • Live virtual classes
  • Real-life group projects
  • Community of marketing professionals
  • Dedicated learner support

What’s included in your Squared+ course?

Squared+ offers professional development for marketers to future-proof their skills with a trusted and recognised digital marketing programme.

24-hour access to the online campus

So you can complete your coursework when it suits your schedule.

Online, live classes

Regular online live classes with your tutor and classmates.


So you can focus on being productive while still developing yourself from home.

Dedicated, expert facilitators

Subject matter-expert tutors and a community for support through the course.

The programme is structured with five core learning modules, plus a Getting Started module and a final Group Project where you work on a real-life project in groups.

Over the six months, you will cover:

An online module and live class to set you up for success

Learn the importance of adapting to the evolving digital landscape and how to leverage digital tools and strategies for business growth.
  • Week 1: Marketing transformation in the evolving digital landscape
  • Week 2: Changes in technology and consumer behaviour
  • Week 3: Marketing strategies for the digital age
  • Week 4: Adopting digital-first behaviours

Understand the significance of prioritising customer needs and learn strategies to create a customer-focused marketing approach.
  • Week 1: Understanding the customer journey, target audience and moments that matter
  • Week 2: How brand impacts the customer journey
  • Week 3: Creating content for digital
  • Week 4: Social engagement, influencers and Gen Z

Explore various online advertising platforms and channels to determine where to focus their efforts for effective results.
  • Week 1: Mastering mobile – Strategies for mobile-first design, targeted advertising and innovative user experiences
  • Week 2: Win with search – The power of organic and paid search, and innovations in search
  • Week 3: Display and video advertising – Formats, strategies, trends and challenges
  • Week 4: Programmatic and other advertising channels

Learn how to collect, analyse, and interpret data to gain valuable insights for informed decision-making in digital marketing.
  • Week 1: Introduction to data and insights
  • Week 2: Demystifying Google Analytics
  • Week 3: Attribution – Models, challenges and decisions
  • Week 4: Embracing a single customer view

Explore the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing, particularly generative AI, and its use in copywriting and image creation.
  • Week 1: Introduction to Generative AI for Marketing
  • Week 2: Generative AI copywriting and foundations (featuring ChatGPT)
  • Week 3: Generative AI design and graphics (featuring MidJourney)
  • Week 4: Generative AI: The possiblities for today and tomorrow

Showcase your new skills in a real-life group project and get feedback from marketing experts

Squared+ career options

It’s time to fast-track your marketing career! The knowledge and skills gained from this course will help you to take a leading role in creating consumer-centric marketing campaigns that drive growth for your organisation.

Digital Marketing Manager

£ 100,000 *

Digital Marketing Executive

£ 40,000 *

Digital Marketing Assistant

£ 35,000 *

*Totaljobs salary checker, May 2023

2 reviews for Squared+ Digital Marketing Programme

  1. “The topics covered in Squared online are very current and are great to develop our knowledge in digital marketing, which was my main goal.”
  2. “The practical examples to support theory were very good. I enjoyed the course length and pace. I very much appreciated the opportunity to review the live classes. Team learning/projects.”

Squared+ Digital Marketing Programme

£1,558.80 for 1 month