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What is the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice?

Whether you’d like a refresher, you’re looking to expand your knowledge, or you’re starting a career in the people profession, the Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice will help you progress. You’ll gain the capabilities you need to attract new talent and maintain your organisation’s ability to do right by your people, or kick-start your brand-new career.

CIPD Level 3 course highlights

Typically 8 months completion time
Structured but flexible learning with our cohort model
Learn 100% online
12-month support period
Aimed at those new to HR or currently working in an HR support role

What’s included in your CIPD Level 3 online and distance learning course?

When you learn with Avado, you get access to our virtual learning campus, which comes with lots of benefits. It’s no different when you’re working on your CIPD HR Level 3 courses online with us. You’ll get:

24-hour access to the online campus

So you can complete your coursework when it suits your schedule.

Online, live classes

Regular online live classes with your tutor and classmates.


So you can focus on being productive while still developing yourself from home.


Instant Assignment Feedback (only at Avado)

Exclusive HR community where professionals interact, share, and benefit.

Dedicated, expert tutors

Subject matter expert tutors and a community for support through the course.

Ava is our multi-language support chat. Available 24/7 only to Avado learners.

CIPD Level 3 modules list and syllabus

Unit 1: Business, culture and change in context

You’ll learn about…

The external influences that impact businesses, include goal setting.
How to define workplace culture and how people’s behaviour shapes it.
How organisations are whole systems and how your actions affect others.
How people learn, adapt and develop in different ways.
How people professionals impact people, and best to manage change
Unit 2: Principles of Analytics

You’ll learn about…

How evidence-based practice informs measures and outcomes and how it is applied within your organisation
How the application of agreed procedures, policies and sources of evidence helps to make choices and informed decisions.
The importance of using data, the different types of data measurement and how these are used to inform decision-making, including interpreting basic financial information using critical thinking skills and common calculations.
The concept of creating value, explaining how your organisation approaches this for its customers and stakeholders.
Finally, you will cover the role of analytics and other technology in enhancing working practices, including the associated risks.
Unit 3: Core behaviours for people professionals

You’ll learn about…

Different approaches to customer focus using ethical principles to inform your approach to work.
Evaluating ethical values and contextualising them within your work, specifying the ways in which you conform to associated regulations and law.
The importance of positive ways of working and you will use this to clarify problems and issues as well as contribute views and opinions in a respectful and inclusive manner.
Ways in which you recognise and accept your own mistakes and show empathy to others.
Finally, you will examine the concept of reflective practice aimed at consolidating and improving your professional knowledge, skills and experience.
Unit 4: Essentials of People Practice

You’ll learn about…

Effective recruitment, selection, and appointment of individuals through the assessment of employee lifecycles, including where you are placed within this.
Different recruitment and selection methods and the skills that relate to contributing to effective recruitment.
Ways of preparing materials for job roles and to attract candidates.
You will also shortlist candidates and participate in a selection interview and the associated follow-up actions.
Understanding legislation and organisational practices is a vital part of this unit, as is the meaning of diversity and inclusion in respect of recruitment and employee relationships.
You will explain factors associated with performance management and the role of appraisal.
Finally, you will understand how to support others to develop the skills and knowledge required to meet both individual and organisational objectives.

CIPD Certificate career options

The skills you’ll learn on this course will get you ready to take on Human Resources roles with more responsibility. You’ll also be eligible for Foundation Membership of the CIPD. Whether you’re already in a junior HR role or new to the field, with this qualification you will be eligible for HR roles such as as a HR Assistant or HR Administrator.

73% of graduates progressed their careers within 3 months of qualification
40% of employers looking for more skilled candidates for HR roles
HR Administrator*
HR Assistant*

Once you have your Level 3 Foundation qualification you can progress further with the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in People Management or the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development. *Average UK salary data from Totaljobs Salary Checker, January 2022

CIPD Level 3 FAQs

What is a Level 3 CIPD equivalent to?

A Level 3 CIPD certificate is equivalent to an introductory foundation level and is ideal for individuals new to HR or aiming to gain relevant HR expertise and skills. It is comparable to the A-Level qualifications in the UK and serves as an entry point for those seeking to develop essential HR skills. 

How long does a CIPD Level 3 course take?

The CIPD Level 3 programme takes eight months for the cohort-based programme, but it can be completed in six months if you decide on the self-study (Lite) option. (This option has no tutor support).

Is a CIPD Level 3 equivalent to a degree?

No, completion of Associate Membership of the CIPD, allows you to use “Assoc. CIPD’ after your name. However, it’s important to note that a CIPD Level 3 HR isn’t equivalent to an undergraduate degree; rather, it’s generally regarded as being on par with an A-level.

Can I do the CIPD Level 5 without Level 3?

Yes, but there are eligibility criteria you would need to meet., This includes experience in the HR/Learning & Development field, and a Level 4 or higher education, as you need to be able to academically write assessments.

Does CIPD Level 3 give access to university?

It can contribute to the entry requirements for the university. However, this may depend on the University’s eligibility requirements and the course you want to undertake.

How much does CIPD Level 3 cost?

A CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate generally costs between £1,000 and £2,200 depending on the level of support provided by the training provider. Offerings at the higher end of the range typically feature more advanced learning campuses and more tutor support.

Which are the best options for CIPD Level 3?

Avado is the best option for CIPD level 3 programme. Avado provides the convenience of 100% online learning, with access to course materials, live classes with expert tutors, 24/7 AI powered assistants, networking opportunities and much more.

What is CIPD Level 3 and what does it involve?
  1. Business, Culture and Change in Context
  2. Principles of Analytics 
  3. Core Behaviours for People Professionals
  4. Essentials of People Practice
How do I pay for my CIPD Level 3 course?

There are multiple funding options available. If you’re paying for your training yourself, you can pay in a single payment upfront or via multiple payments spread across up to 11 months.  

If your employer is funding your training, we can invoice them directly. If your employer is paying for part of the training, we can invoice them directly and you can pay the remainder. All personal payments can be made via a secure payment link using a debit or credit card.  

How do I enrol in CIPD Level 3?

You can purchase the CIPD HR level 3 course directly from Avado’s website. Alternatively, you can drop in your contact details so a representative can connect with you and guide you ahead to start with the qualification.

Which CIPD qualification is right for me?

There are three CIPD Human Resources qualifications to choose from.  

The CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice, also known as CIPD Level 3, is tailored for individuals with limited HR exposure, or those just beginning their journey in the field. This programme provides a solid foundation for entry into the profession. 

The CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management, also known as CIPD Level 5, is crafted for individuals with moderate HR experience seeking advancement into mid-level HR positions. It’s also suitable for those who have undertaken HR responsibilities in non-HR roles. 

The CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management, or CIPD Level 7, targets individuals with substantial HR experience or an HR degree who are prepared for postgraduate-level education. This diploma equips you for senior strategic HR positions and helps you to pursue CIPD Chartered Membership.  

If you choose to pursue a career in L&D, you could study through our CIPD Learning & Development level 5 courses

Can I study the CIPD Level 3 course online?

Yes. Avado has a 24-hour online campus, so you can complete your coursework when it suits your schedule.

Meet Our Tutors

Anna Pang

I’ve been teaching CIPD’s qualification for over 13 years. Prior to Avado, I facilitated by tutoring on the CIPD qualification in a face-to-face setting at a local college.

Abbie Kirkham

I have 17 years recruitment consultancy experience, trainer and was an HR Tutor for a college – I am also lucky enough to sit on the board for Women’s Aid Domestic Violence Charity which is something I am passionate about. 

Mark Beacham

Before joining Avado, I spent a large part of my working life in the retail sector working in L&D and Operations Management. 
I enjoyed my time studying CIPD Level 5 with Avado so much, I decided to come back as a tutor!

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