Squared Online Essentials

Deep dive into key marketing principles with Squared Online Essentials

A snapshot of the award-winning course

Throughout Squared Online Essentials, you’ll apply key marketing principles and frameworks to real business case studies, while completing fun and engaging challenges that will help you develop leadership skills.

Developed by Google and Avado, Squared Online Essentials is a global award-winning digital marketing leadership course.

Every week is straightforward and structured, with live classes every day. Each class is hosted by an amazing industry expert and includes project work where you’ll have the chance to discuss topics and theory with your classmates. All of this is delivered on our Virtual Learning Campus, keeping everything in one, easy-to-navigate place.

This four-month course is ideal for marketers looking to expand on their understanding of digital, a career starter jumping into their first marketing role, or a professional looking to make a career change.

No matter where you are in your career, your Squared Online Essentials Certification will signify that you are a confident and capable digital marketer with the skills and knowledge needed to implement successful and innovative digital marketing strategies.

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Module One: Customer-centricity

Details: Your customers play critical roles and their needs will guide your overall marketing transformation. In this module, you’ll examine the non-linear customer journey in the digital age and the frameworks needed to map customer experience with your brand. Your understanding of customer needs throughout the journey will help you effectively build your brand mission and devise relevant social and content strategies for your customers.

Module assessment: Brand strategy group project

Module Two: Digital Channels and Technologies

Details: In the digital age, your customers expect real-time interactions with your brand in the moments that matter to them. In the Digital Channels and Technologies module, you’ll learn how to ensure your messages reach your customers at just the right moment. This module goes deeper into industry best practice on mobile design and search and display. You’ll conclude with more about programmatic technology and how it creates a seamless and integrated customer journey.

Module assessment: Integrated marketing campaign group project

Module Three: Data, Analytics and Insights

Details: This Data, Analytics and Insights module is about using data with a single customer mindset to inform strategic decisions that will grow your business in the right direction. You’ll learn the fundamentals of analytics and build a measurement plan to track successes (and failures), all to help inform future marketing decisions.

Module assessment: Individual online assessment

A unique learning approach

Collaboration at its heart

For each of the three modules, you’ll complete an online group project with your classmates, learning how to think critically on your feet and drive meaningful change in the workplace.

Learn from industry experts

Join weekly engaging and interactive live classes delivered by industry experts. They’ll share their first-hand experience, giving you an understanding of what it’s like to be at the centre of the industry. This is a highlight of the course for our learners! You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in chat-based discussions throughout to expand and solidify your knowledge.

Apply principles to business

Working through practical activities, you’ll be able to feel the progress of your learning and apply new skills immediately in your day-to-day tasks, making a real business impact right from the start.

Learn from peers

Throughout the course, you’ll have the opportunity to share experiences and connect with people who do what you do, from all different industries and backgrounds. You’ll gain invaluable and diverse insights and knowledge from them.