There's no need to miss out on learning

Even though we can't hold any face to face training right now we still wanted to give you the opportunity to benefit from our amazing bootcamps and workshops. That's why we've made them all available as interactive online experiences.

You'll still be getting the same great teaching: we have decades of experience delivering online learning, so we know what we're doing

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Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop

Digital Marketing has changed. Have you?

To build an amazing integrated digital marketing plan, you’ve got to understand the landscape. The digital marketing acceleration workshop will take your team through the channels and the approaches, leading you to the best way to unlock their potential for your business.  

Now available as a virtual workshop, fully online. 

Why a workshop?

Yes we live in an online world, but we believe in the value in face to face learning too. At this workshop, you have the right people in the room to thrash out the important ideas there and then.  

You see the lightbulb moments, the action plans forming, the mental check-list of what people will do differently tomorrow.   

And, it’s a safe space in which to challenge one another and be comfortable being uncomfortable. The facilitator will put you on the spot, and help you troubleshoot through problems.  

Bootcamps create energy, and from this energy comes real change. 

The details 

All our bootcamps are available as interactive virtual learning experiences - talk to the team to find out more.

Duration: 2 Days 

Intensity: 8 hours per day, breaks included 

Day 1

  • Introduction and the ‘4H’ Content Model  
  • Mobile, SEO and User Experience  
  • Paid Search, Video Ads and Retargeting  
  • Display Ads, Social Ads and Programmatic  

Day 2  

  • Social Media Engagement  
  • Working with Influencers  
  • Building a Content Marketing Hub  
  • Iteration and Integration  
  • Building a Quarterly Digital Marketing Plan 

 You’ll come away with useful theory and frameworks to apply to your plans, as well as practical tools and ideas to get going with tomorrow.  

After the session, you’ll be able to: 

  • Define today’s marketing landscape, customer-centricity and its benefits in a marketing plan. 
  • Apply the ‘4H’ model as a framework for a digital marketing plan.  
  • Structure the elements of on-page SEO and landing pages for optimisation
  • Increase customer experience using best practices of mobile UX/UI
  • Improve the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns 
  • Explain the advantages and potential pitfalls of programmatic marketing.
  • Identify relevant influencers and why they add value 
  • Understand the value of analytics, iteration and optimisation
  • Show the purpose of a content marketing hub to key stakeholders
  • Collaborate with other teams to deliver an effective marketing strategy

Who is it for? 

  • People who want to do more digital marketing 
  • People who manage agencies our outsource marketing  
  • People who market in a channel and want to understand the whole mix