A lot of our students tell us they decided to start studying an online qualification in order to switch careers, and Giulianna Boscardin is a great example. Looking to move from L&D into HR, she needed a course that would prepare her for the change without interfering with her home and professional commitments. With a CIPD Level 5 qualification, she snagged a new job no problem! Read her full story below.


  1. What were you doing before starting the course?

My career was focused on L&D. I was a Capability Manager looking at all consumer service partners in EMEA for Procter and Gamble.

  1. Why did you decide to study CIPD Intermediate (Level 5) Certificate in HR Management qualification?

Because I wanted a change from L&D to HR and saw an opportunity of filling my knowledge gaps through CIPD. I read the reviews and spoke to some colleagues who did the same and managed to change careers more easily.

  1. What made you choose online learning?

I work full time and have an eight-year-old at home who also needs my attention so I really needed the flexibility of studying in my own time and pace. I imagine this is the situation of most of the students nowadays and virtual learning sounded like the only way for me to keep all aspects of my life in place while still being able to develop my skills and progress professionally.

  1. How has your experience been?

It has been absolutely brilliant. This course has certainly changed my perception of online learning. The support I received from tutors and workshops were just enough to get me through each of the modules. The online classes are also great and gave the extra bit that I needed to successfully complete my assessments.

The level of the course is also undoubtedly good as it gives students the opportunity to see the theory but also work hard to apply those theories to real situations through the assessments; making the perfect link between theory and real life.

  1. How have you found the Virtual Learning Campus?

It’s very complete and easy to navigate. It was great that all the books were available online so I didn’t have to carry them around with me; everything was only a click away. The forums in the Virtual Campus were also a good way of knowing other colleagues studying the same level in different locations. Through the forums we got to know each other’s needs and ended up creating a WhatsApp group for faster communication and discussions.

  1. What has the support been like from your tutor and community team?

My tutor’s responses have always been within minutes, so really I was impressed with all the attention and personalised responses. As I mentioned before the course was a great network builder as we met people from all over the UK with the most different backgrounds and companies. We are all still in touch even after completing the course.

  1. Have you enjoyed the live classes?

Absolutely. Sometimes I couldn’t attend but as they were all recorded I could always refer to them as needed.

  1. Are you still in touch with the rest of your group?

Yes, we built a great network and developed nice professional and personal relationships with tutors and colleagues. We still meet but now only for a well-deserved glass of wine after all our hard work on the studies.

  1. What impact has this course had on your work and career?

CIPD has been core towards my next career step. After completing the certification I received a job offer to work as a Human Resources Manager for an International Chemical Industry with more than 30.000 employees around the world.

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