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In today’s dynamic work environment, discovering what truly energises you can be transformative. Have you ever paused to consider the impact of combining your skills with your passions? Imagine working in your zone of peak performance, a place where you feel at your best and most effective. This idea is central to Strengthscope, a psychometric tool designed to help you identify and leverage your strengths for maximum impact.  

Understanding Strengths: The Foundation of Positive Psychology 

The concept of strengths is deeply rooted in positive psychology, which focuses on what makes life most fulfilling. Strengths are more than just skills or competencies; they are the activities and behaviours that invigorate you. According to Strengthscope, these elements make you feel strong, vibrant, and capable.  

Why Focus on Strengths? Focusing on strengths has numerous benefits:  

1. Increased Engagement: Using your strengths makes you more likely to be engaged and committed to your work. 

2. Higher Performance: Strengths use is linked to higher performance levels, as tasks align with what you naturally do best. 

3. Greater Well-being: Utilising strengths leads to higher job satisfaction and overall well-being.  

Spotting and Understanding Your Strengths

Identifying your strengths can sometimes be challenging. Here’s how you can recognise them:  

1. Reflect on Past Successes: Think about moments when you felt particularly energised and accomplished. What activities were you involved in? 

2. Seek Feedback: Ask colleagues or friends about times when they saw you at your best. 

3. Use Strengthscope: This tool provides a structured way to identify and understand your strengths.  

Types of Strengths

Strengthscope categorises strengths into several areas, including:  

  • Relational Strengths: Skills related to building and maintaining relationships. 
  • Thinking Strengths: Abilities in problem-solving, creativity, and analytical thinking. 
  • Execution Strengths: Talents for implementing ideas and achieving goals.  

Furthering Your Knowledge with CIPD Courses

For those looking to increase their understanding of strengths and their application in the workplace, CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) offers a variety of courses that complement the insights provided by Strengthscope. CIPD courses cover a wide range of topics including human resource management, learning and development, and organisational development. These courses provide valuable frameworks and tools that can enhance your ability to harness strengths effectively, leading to more strategic and impactful human resource practices. Whether you’re an HR professional seeking to enhance your skills or a leader aiming to foster a strengths-based culture, CIPD courses offer a wealth of knowledge and practical approaches to support your professional growth. 

Applying Your Strengths  

Once you’ve identified your strengths, the next step is to apply them consciously in your work:  

1. Individual Development: Focus on tasks and roles that allow you to use your strengths more frequently. This might mean seeking new projects or reshaping your current role. 

2. Team Development: Understanding the strengths of team members can improve collaboration and efficiency. It allows for better role allocation and enhances team dynamics. 

3. Feedback: Giving and receiving feedback through the lens of strengths can be more constructive and empowering. Highlighting strengths helps to reinforce positive behaviours and skills.  

 Real-World Application: Amazon Web Services Case Study  

To see the impact of strengths-based approaches in action, consider the case of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS collaborated with Strengthscope to enhance their team dynamics and leadership development. Here’s how AWS leveraged their strengths:  


AWS faced the challenge of sustaining high performance and engagement amidst rapid growth and constant change. The goal was to create a work environment where employees felt energised, motivated, and aligned with their strengths.  


AWS utilised Strengthscope’s psychometric assessments to help employees and teams identify their core strengths. This knowledge was used in several key areas:  

1. Leadership Development: Leaders at AWS were trained to recognise and utilise their strengths, as well as the strengths of their team members. This approach helped in building more effective leadership strategies and fostering a culture of strengths-based management.  

2. Team Dynamics: By understanding the strengths of each team member, AWS teams could allocate roles and responsibilities more effectively. This alignment improved collaboration, reduced friction, and enhanced overall team performance.  

3. Feedback and Development: The strengths framework was integrated into performance reviews and development plans, making feedback more constructive and aligned with individual strengths. This focus helped employees feel more valued and motivated.  


The strengths-based approach led to several positive outcomes at AWS:  

  • Increased Engagement: Employees reported higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction. 
  • Improved Performance: Teams that leveraged their strengths effectively saw improvements in productivity and performance. 
  • Enhanced Leadership: Leaders who embraced their strengths and those of their teams became more effective in their roles.  

This case study from AWS highlights the tangible benefits of applying strengths-based strategies in a large, dynamic organisation. By focusing on what energises individuals, AWS was able to create a more engaged, high-performing workforce.  

Exploring Your Strengths: Avado’s Upcoming Webinar  

If you’re interested in learning more about how to harness your strengths, Avado is hosting a webinar that dives deep into this topic. Here’s what you can expect:  

Online Masterclass: Your Zone of Peak Performance 27th June 3-4 pm (BST) | Online | Hosted by Sarah Leach  

Drawing on these learnings with Strengthscope, the webinar explores the concept of strengths—those things that energise you at work. It covers ways to spot strengths and explores how you might be more conscious about how you use them. The session will also delve into practical applications of strengths knowledge for individual development, team development, and feedback processes. Register to attend here. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand the concept of strengths and its roots in positive psychology. 
  • Recognise the importance of focusing on strengths and the benefits for individuals, teams, and organisations. 
  • Learn how to spot a strength. 
  • Become more aware of how to use your strengths effectively. 
  • Discover how to find your zone of peak performance.  


Sarah Leach will lead the session. An experienced executive coach, Sarah has a passion for meaningful conversations that help people realise personal intentions and professional ambitions. She brings extensive experience in career and leadership coaching, particularly with senior executives. Sarah is also a lecturer at Henley Business School and co-editor of several texts on cognitive behavioural coaching.  


Embracing and utilising your strengths can transform your work experience, leading to greater engagement, higher performance, and increased well-being. The AWS case study exemplifies how a strengths-based approach can lead to significant improvements in both individual and team performance.   

Explore your strengths, align them with your work, and watch as you unlock new levels of performance and satisfaction. Register for the masterclass and take the first step towards operating in your zone of peak performance. 

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