SusannaMeet Susanna from London, one of AVADO’s first ACCA students to join us on our groundbreaking online courses. She offered to give us the low down on her experience so far…

What is your current job role?

I am the Administrator for a theatre company called Improbable

Why did you choose to take the ACCA course? 

I have always been interested in Finance and Accounting and my ambition is to develop a successful career in the profession but in the performing arts field. I chose to study online as it allows me to be flexible with my time.

How do you hope the course will impact your career?

When snooping around for possible future jobs I notice that most employers seek qualified or partly-qualified Accountants or people that are actively working towards qualifications, so I know the course is an excellent investment for my career.

Why does the course work for you? 

It allows me to study from home or from a café, wherever I want to study! But it still gives me a good study pace with weekly exercises, live classes and tests to pass, and provides me with resources that allow me to prepare properly for the exams. The Tutors are clearly very knowledgeable and so friendly, and support has been provided whenever it was needed.

Have you experienced any struggles throughout your course?

Yes! The F2 requires quite a lot of technical knowledge and at one point I got quite overwhelmed by the complexity of the contents. So, I emailed Paul, my Tutor, with my concerns: he replied giving very helpful advice on how to tackle the questions, and encouraged me to continue re-watching the videos and examples on the textbook, and reminded me that this kind of knowledge needs a bit of time to settle and be confident about. I am delighted that in the end I passed the exam with 75%!

What has been your highlight of the course?

Passing the exam with an excellent mark, while still working a full time job and a freelance job- I don’t make things easy for myself!

What are your hopes for your future career?

I would love to work in the performing arts as a Finance Director. Wish me luck!


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