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We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Tableau, the leading software analytics platform, to develop a range of interactive courses designed to help organisations and individuals upskill and become more data literate.

Find out more about AVADO’s Data Academy and our partnership with Tableau.

The courses include programmes for apprentices, an intensive course aimed at business leaders and ‘bite-sized’ learning for the wider organisation, have been designed to ensure that every worker, from school-leavers to business leaders, has access to relevant training that will equip them for the demands of an increasingly data-driven economy.

Why is data upskilling important?

According to a recent study by Nesta, investment in data skills could help boost UK productivity by 3 percent, equivalent to roughly one-fifth of the UK’s productivity gap with other G7 countries. A separate report by PWC found 69 percent of employers will demand data science and analytics skills from job candidates by the year 2021.

The future competitiveness of UK PLC will increasingly be tied to the data literacy of its workforce. Whilst it’s not practical for all employees to be data scientists, it’s crucial that everyone can boast a good level of data literacy across the board. Adopting a universal data behaviour will boost business efficiencies and ensure everyone is speaking the same language.

Quality data focused apprenticeships and top- up courses provide a practical and attractive route for businesses to access new talent and reskill current employees in an increasingly data driven environment. When it came to developing training programmes to satisfy this demand, we wanted to work with a leader in the space – enter Tableau.

“It’s our mission to ensure that everyone is able to see and understand the data around them. The courses we have developed in partnership with AVADO will enable us to enhance the data literacy of a diverse spectrum of organisations and individuals at hitherto unimaginable scale.”

– James Eiloart, SVP EMEA, Tableau Software

What will the courses entail?


A data and business analyst apprenticeship delivered in partnership with Tableau will be the first course to launch, offering bespoke training on data analytics and data visualisation techniques to students studying relevant courses funded through the Apprenticeship levy. Through the partnership, students will be provided with free Tableau software licenses, along with specific case-studies, practical exercises and an array of guest speakers.

We aim to train over 3,000 new data analysts by 2020 through the programme, accepting our first cohort of students in Autumn 2018.

Digital Certificate

We’re also collaborating with Tableau on the development of a course to help business leaders and managers learn vital data literacy skills as well as opening their minds to the opportunities data presents in their organisations when they start to ask the right questions. A digital certificate will include relevant data analytics and visualisation examples from Tableau as part of a structured course delivered by AVADO through our online training platform.

Bite-sized learning

We’ll be launching a series of ‘bite-sized’ learning modules aimed at providing entire organisations with specific training on data and its importance to business, including examples of data visualisation techniques from Tableau. Delivered through AVADO’s Dot Native platform, we’re aiming to reach more than 200,000 people in the first three years of the programme. 

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