I recently caught up with Jing Shen, one of our ACCA graduates. Jing shares her story of moving from engineering and linguistics in China to pursuing accountancy in the UK. Check it out below…

What path led to you studying the ACCA qualification?

I grew up in a rural part of Shaanxi Province, China, before attending the prestigious Tsinghua University. After I achieved my degree in Hydraulic Engineering, I got my first job in a state-owned engineering design company in Xi’an, China.

Jing Shen

Then, in October 2009, I came to England to be with my husband.

What made you decide to choose AVADO over other providers?

One afternoon last August, my husband mentioned the word ‘accountant’ when we were discussing something.  I had heard this word many times before and had never given it much thought, but this time I felt inspired. ‘Why not become an accountant?’ I thought.

My husband has business experience and has started and ran many companies, including turnaround and recovery work, so he was very helpful in researching the best provider for me

After comparing several providers, we decided to choose AVADO because we believed that AVADO has the best tutors, who genuinely love and care about what they do

Since completing the first few papers, has the way you work changed?.

I’m more aware of time management and have become more efficient at saving time for study. The most important change is in my level of confidence. This process has helped me to realize my full potential.

What did you find most interesting while studying for the ACCA qualification?

I want to learn as much as I can about accountancy and business practices. I want to know how they work and how accountancy interacts with other components of the business world.

I am most interested in how I can perform accountancy to the best of my ability, because I love playing with logic and numbers. It would be very useful to learn the law and regulations, because to be an outstanding accountant, one must have a thorough and deep understanding of them.

Any advice for anyone looking to study ACCA with AVADO?

With AVADO, you know you are in safe hands. All you need to do is to follow your tutor’s advice and do what you are supposed to do, then everything will be OK. In terms of final advice: do your best and trust yourself. Anything is possible.

Jing’s story goes to show that no matter what your professional background may be, you can always follow your passion through determination and having the right qualifications behind you. To find out more about studying ACCA with us, click here.