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At Avado, we are committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive training for HR professionals through our CIPD courses. If you are considering enrolling in a CIPD course, it’s essential to understand the time commitment and structure required to achieve your qualification. Here, we explain the guided learning hours (GLH) and total qualification time (TQT) as stipulated by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and why adherence to these standards is crucial for both learners and training providers.

Guided Learning Hours and Total Qualification Time

Each CIPD qualification level has specific guided learning hours and total qualification time:

Guided Learning Hours (GLH) refer to the time a learner spends being taught, which includes attending classes, participating in online learning, and receiving tutor support. Total Qualification Time (TQT) encompasses the GLH plus additional study, preparation, and assessment time. It represents the average time an individual might need to complete the qualification, acknowledging that some learners may require more or less time.

The Importance of Guided Learning Hours

The CIPD, in alignment with the regulator’s requirements, has stipulated these GLH for each qualification level. These hours are part of the Ofqual qualifications framework, which ensures consistency, regulation, and proper funding allocation. Here’s why these GLHs are vital:

  1. Clarity and Structure: They provide learners with a clear idea of the duration and intensity of the course.
  2. Comprehensive Learning: Ensuring learners gain in-depth knowledge and skills, not just the ability to pass an assessment.
  3. Confidence and Competence: Graduates can demonstrate their thorough understanding and capabilities to employers.

Responsibilities of Training Providers

As a CIPD-approved training provider, Avado adheres to these GLH requirements rigorously. We ensure our teaching and learning processes cover every aspect of the qualification, delivering a full and comprehensive education rather than focusing solely on assessments. Here’s how we ensure compliance:

  • Course Planning: We use the GLH from each unit to meticulously plan our programmes. This plan breaks down the learning into manageable chunks, organized into weeks and hours.
  • Content Development: Our content is developed to engage and activate learners, ensuring they are well-prepared for all aspects of the qualification.
  • CIPD Audits: Our programmes are regularly audited by the CIPD to ensure we meet the GLH and provide a comprehensive education.

Programme Duration and Weekly Study Time

Avado’s CIPD programmes are designed to fit into your busy professional life while ensuring you receive a comprehensive education. Our CIPD Level 3 course typically takes 9-10 months to complete, translating to around 6-8 hours of study per week. The CIPD Level 5 course spans 11-12 months, requiring approximately 8-10 hours of study per week. For the CIPD Level 7 course, which takes 16-24 months to complete, you can expect to dedicate about 10-15 hours per week. This structured approach helps you manage your time effectively while achieving the necessary GLH and TQT.

Consequences of Inadequate Teaching

Teaching only to the assessment can severely undermine the value of the qualification. When training providers fail to deliver the required GLH, learners do not gain the full breadth of knowledge and skills expected at each CIPD level. This shortfall can lead to ineffective people practice practitioners in the workforce, as they will not have developed the competencies outlined in the CIPD Profession Map. Consequently, this can diminish their ability to perform effectively in their roles, impacting both their professional growth and the organisations they serve. Moreover, CIPD can impose sanctions on providers who do not meet these standards, including the withdrawal of accreditation. CIPD also receives complaints from learners who feel inadequately prepared, underscoring the importance of delivering comprehensive education.

Our Commitment

At Avado, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest education standards for our CIPD learners. Our rigorous adherence to CIPD guidelines ensures that you receive a full, enriching learning experience that prepares you to pass your assessments and excel in your HR career.

By choosing Avado for your CIPD qualification, you can be confident in the quality and comprehensiveness of your education, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the dynamic field of HR.

For more information on our CIPD courses and to start your journey with Avado, contact us.

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