When you’re considering whether or not to take a course for any professional qualification there’s usually one big question in the back of your mind: “Is this going to be worth it?” The decision to start studying is a big commitment of time, money, and hard work, so you want to know that the accrediting body you’ve chosen is the one that’s going to reap the best rewards.

So why did we choose to partner with CIPD Enterprises in order to deliver the best HR and L&D qualifications on the market? We’ve outlined some of the key benefits a CIPD qualification can have for you and your career.

CIPD’s reputation

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is one of the world’s oldest HR associations, having been founded in 1913. They have over 135,000 members spread worldwide and across private, public, and voluntary sectors, and are without doubt the leading accrediting body for HR qualifications in the UK. Their HR and L&D qualifications are recognised worldwide as high benchmarks for professional standards within the industry.

All this means that when you have a CIPD qualification on your CV, employers and recruiters are going to know what it is and understand the level of work you’ve put into gaining it. It’s possible that with other, less well-known qualifications or in-house training, you could have a similar skill set, but the reputation of the CIPD will always lend you more credibility than other qualifications.

Requested by employers

Many employers won’t just prefer candidates with CIPD qualifications: they’ll actually make them a minimum requirement. CIPD standards are so well respected that their qualifications are used to screen out “weaker” candidates. Depending on what stage of your career you’re at you may be just as suitable for a given role as a result of your experience, but CIPD research has shown that many employers ask for two years of experience as well as a CIPD qualification when hiring HR Advisors.1

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit to becoming CIPD certified: you’ll be opening up a whole wealth of roles that you weren’t even eligible for beforehand.

Demonstrate your commitment to your personal development

A CIPD qualification is more than a badge to put on your CV and LinkedIn; you’re not just exchanging money for a ticket to better jobs. Completing an HR or L&D course will involve hard work, but by the end, you will have greatly improved your skills and industry knowledge. This is especially important for those just starting out in their career, but even professionals with plenty of experience can benefit from actually sitting down and studying up-to-date theory and best practices.

When looking for a qualification, try not to only think about what employers want, but consider the kind of training you’re looking for and the skills you want to learn. With a CIPD qualification, you can be confident you’re being taught to an exceptionally high standard.

Benefits of Membership

In order to study for a CIPD qualification, you’ll need to apply for Student Membership of the CIPD. Once your course is complete, you’ll be eligible to progress to Associate Membership. From there you will be able to progress even further to Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow status. So what benefits does CIPD membership bring?

Firstly, it further increases your credibility within the industry. You’ll be able to use designations (like “Assoc CIPD”) after your name, demonstrating your capabilities even to people who haven’t seen your CV. In addition, you’ll gain access to a wealth of CIPD resources such as factsheets, policy reports, interactive tools, and the CIPD Career Hub.

You’ll also be able to network with your fellow members, with higher levels of membership granting access to more senior networks. At the Chartered Fellow level, you will even be able to vote on key CIPD matters and contribute to cutting-edge research. Renewing your membership and progressing to higher levels is optional, but it’s a major bonus you’ll get from completing a CIPD qualification.

If you would like to learn more about any of our CIPD HR courses, give one of our friendly Course Advisors a call at 020 7173 5664.

Nilesh Jha