Google and Squared Online



Squared was originally developed by Google in 2012 as a 6-week face-to-face immersive learning experience to help combat some of the challenges the media industry was facing around hiring, developing and retaining great digital talent.

Squared was designed to develop the digital leaders of the future by giving them a strategic overview of the digital landscape while simultaneously building their collaborative leadership skills. It has been incredibly successful and has since been launched in multiple markets globally, with the biggest scale now being achieved via its online version Squared Online.

Google partnered with Avado and our Home Learning College team to develop and deliver this 5-month part-time version, taught fully online by leading industry experts, to increase confidence and know-how in digital strategy, leadership and collaboration.

Since its launch in 2013, Squared Online has already helped thousands of digital marketers and companies across the world develop their digital and leadership capabilities.

Endorsed by the IPA, the IAB and NABS, students graduate with the Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing.

“Google has had individual certifications and courses in its products before, but Squared represents a significant development beyond that, one that has the potential to transform an entire industry.”

Mark Howe, Managing Director, EMEA Agencies, Google