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The FastFutures Gen-AI Bootcamp will upskill participants across multiple business applications, giving their organizations a productivity boost into the digital economy

London, 27 January 2023. Today FastFutures, powered by Avado, launches the UK’s first Generative AI Skills Bootcamp. Participants will be the first to undergo in-depth training on how to harness the power of Generative AI tools to radically improve their performance and productivity.

The bootcamp offers organizations seeking to implement game-changing Gen-AI technologies (Chat GPT, Dall-E 2 and more) at a fast pace to upskill their workforce and increase overall business productivity and competitiveness at scale. The bootcamp will provide training across multiple business functions, use cases and practical applications to unlock potential of this latest advance in technology for the UK’s workforce.

Along with the launch of the Bootcamp, Avado is adding Generative-AI modules to its existing training including its portfolio of Data & Digital Apprenticeships & Bootcamps, and Avado’s Squared and CIPD courses. FastFutures is also excited to announce the development of a virtual coaching app based on Chat GPT and trained on its unique learning materials and delivery practice, which will be available in beta to select group of apprentices in mid-Feb 2023.

To celebrate the launch of Generative-AI training, FastFutures is hosting a workshop for senior leaders on Generative-AI, its use cases include increasing the pace of execution, reduce costs, legal and ethical considerations involved, and how to move fast with iteration whilst navigating any potential risks.

“This is not a drill”, says Lee Arthur, CEO of Avado. “Generative AI is the most transformative thing in business since the internet. A solid understanding of this is mandatory for leaders and organizations to thrive and not be left behind by the competition. For the UK economy it creates the opportunity to move to inconceivable levels of GDP growth, 6-10% sounds fantasy, but is not”.

“Generative AI is a genuine game changer for digital workers, and especially so in marketing. Sadly, most people are still only scratching the surface of what this technological leapfrog can bring to organisations, which is why we have put this intensive bootcamp together. By the time someone finishes this programme, they will be ready to propel an organisation’s marketing efforts forward” shared Fabrizio Conrado, Director of AI & Technology at Avado, the organisation behind the FastFutures programmes.

“Everyone is talking about ChatGPT and Midjourney, but no one seems to be able to relate this to business. This FastFutures programme does exactly that: it digs deeper and demystifies the technology, highlighting very tangible use cases that can be implemented in large organisations today, and providing the right context from both a risk and a legal point of view.” commented Rob Shilton CTO at Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading venture builder. Learn more about FastFutures Generative AI training here.

About FastFutures

FastFutures, powered by Avado, is a movement to champion ambitious and diverse talent across the UK. FastFutures focuses on training and development of key digital skills via Apprenticeships and Skills Bootcamps, provides employability support to its learners whilst supporting the UK’s most ambitious organisations with a talent pipeline and upskilling their existing talent. FastFutures was launched in 2020, as a unique work-readiness programme for diverse young people to future proof their careers in an environment disrupted by the pandemic. Since then, it has grown into a movement that has supported 7000+ learners. Learn more about FastFutures.

About Avado

Avado is an award-winning learning partner, who design and deliver digital, interactive learning experiences. These are aimed at equipping a diverse pool of UK talent with the future skills that they need to power both their own growth and that of their organisations. Avado are proud to support some of the largest and most innovative organisations in the UK with these important transformation and upskilling programmes including BT, Blenheim Chalcot, Legal & General, NHS and more. Learn more about Avado.

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