CIPD Qualifications Campus Tour


Avado Learning offers Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualifications to students looking to advance their careers in HR and Learning and Development. As part of their program, Avado provides students with a virtual Campus Tour, which is designed to give them a glimpse into the facilities and resources available to them as CIPD students.

The Campus Tour provides students with a virtual tour of Avado's campus, showcasing the online resources available to them, such as the learning management system, library, and discussion forums. It also provides insight into the course material and assessments, allowing students to understand better what is required of them to complete the program successfully.

The Campus Tour is a valuable tool for students who may not have the opportunity to visit the Avado campus in person, providing them with a sense of connection and belonging to the institution. It also provides inspiration, motivating students to succeed in their studies and achieve their career goals.

CIPD Level 3

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management