Marketing Academy

Move at the same pace that marketing does. Avado’s Marketing Academy develops people that create discoverable, memorable and shareable stories in a digital age.

A learning experience that’s right for you

We’re here to help you succeed in marketing, whether that’s welcoming the next generation into your organisation on marketing apprenticeships or accelerating marketing knowledge across your business with bootcamps and modules. 

Marketing: the home of the digital game-changers

You can be confident you’re getting the best training possible in the Marketing Academy. 

We’ve worked with Google throughout our digital marketing journey – from placing the first digital marketing apprentices at Google UK HQ, to developing the award-winning Squared Online programme for marketers. Now we’ve partnered with them to develop our Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop. So you can be confident you’ll get a learning experience that reflects how the world works.  

What’s the difference between a course, apprenticeship and bootcamp?

Marketing Courses 

Join the Squared Online community and you’ll work through different modules, attend live classes and submit assessments, all entirely online. You can do this whether you’re a student, employed full or half-time, or not employed at all. 

Marketing Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship in marketing, content or advertising combines learning with working. Within your role as an apprentice, 80% of your time will be spent on the day-to-day responsibilities of your job. The other 20% is used for “off-the-job” training. 

The Digital Marketing apprenticeship includes the Squared Online course. But employer training, mentoring, keeping a reflective journal, and attending industry events all also count towards this 20%. 

The Advertising and Media apprenticeship includes the IPA’s Foundation Certificate. The IPA is the membership organisation for the advertising industry - the people behind the practitioners who make UK advertising what it is today. 

As an apprentice, you’ll be supported online by your tutor and with regular visits from your Learning and Development Coach. 

Marketing Bootcamps 

Not a burpee or squat in sight. This bootcamp is all about building marketing’s confidence for a digital world 

The Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop is a gathering together of current and future marketers for two days, in person, to workshop digital marketing channels and the principles which drive themTogether we’ll discover the game-changing potential of digital marketing