Brand Activation Lab

Improve your marketing team's digital maturity to get the right message to the right people at the right time

What is a lab?

  • interactive and engaging workshop
  • work collaboratively in teams
  • Create an actionable roadmap
  • All fully virtual

Connect with your audience in new, meaningful ways

The digital world is constantly evolving and has changed how people interact, engage and discover information, brands, products and services. People have become more curious, demanding and more impatient than ever before. As a result, the customer requires more personalised and tailored messaging.

The Brand Activation Lab helps organisations to connect with this empowered audience in a manner that is relevant and meaningful.

Programme benefits

  • Understand the customer journey
  • Map the intent of customers
  • Understand audience mindset and intent
  • Evaluate the right ad formats and channels
  • Plan a comms strategy for your customer journey

Your learning journey

  • Refine your Marketing Challenge and Briefing document to be used throughout the programme

  • Identify your Audience and their intent, determining the Signals they give off at different stages of their journey

  • Decide on the best Ad Formats to reach your audience at specific points in their journey

  • Produce the most appropriate Messaging to your audience at the right time

  • Measure and Analyse your campaign to determine success

  • Create a Plan and Roadmap to implement

What is the Brand Activation Lab?

It's an end-to-end workshop to build a digital marketing campaign that targets your customer at the right time, with the right message through the right ad format.

Delivered by an expert facilitator who presents the session and leads group activities through break out rooms, the Brand Activation Lab explores how to map a customer through their non-linear journey to purchase and understand their buying intent and the information they require.

we discover the type of message and ad format that should be used that suits the stage of the customer journey and their intent.

To ensure the activity to reach the customer is successful, we learn which metrics can be adopted.

Finally, we develop a roadmap that plans how frameworks and concepts can be adopted within the organisation is developed.

Building digital marketing capabilities with iProspect

Together with Avado, iProspect created and launched NEXTGEN, a talent development programme designed to work with 150 employees per year to transform their digital marketing skills.

Across 72 global offices in 28 locations, iProspect have seen a 30% average increase in digital marketing competence, an increase in pitch value and a reduced attrition rate of 6% (down from 30%) as a result of the programme.  

“I recommend you talk to these guys if you want a digital development programme that will wow your people and deliver high quality, challenging and engaging learning.”​ CJ Morley​, Director for Global Talent and Development ​

The learning outcomes

  • Understand the current digital non-linear customer journey

  • Understand the importance of Customer-Centric thinking and Audience Intent Clusters with See Think Do Care

  • Map the intent of customers along different points of their journey

  • Be able to communicate to the right audience at the right time with the right message

  • Understand how to communicate to qualified audiences according to their mindset and intent

  • Plan out marketing communications strategy across the customer journey

Who is it for?

  • Marketing Managers and Directors
  • Marketing executives
  • SEO Specialists
  • Social Specialists
  • Creative & media partners

What makes our learning unique?

Our connected learning experiences blend the best practices of virtual learning and digital assessment, using an ‘apply, reflect and discuss loop’ – a learning technique designed to ensure that learning lasts long after delivery. What's more, our programmes are flexible,  allowing you to mould a learning experience that works for you.