Squared Online Digital Marketing Course

Squared Online is our award-winning digital marketing leadership qualification. Develop your knowledge and gain hands-on experience to advance to the next stage of your career.

Progress your marketing career!

This digital marketing leadership course is taught online over 5 months with high profile guest speakers.

It will provide you with the training necessary to develop skills highly sought after by brands, agencies and start-ups alike! This course will allow you to understand digital technology, the best ways to use it within Marketing and manage teams to execute ideas in the most effective way.

How it works

Squared Online takes five months to complete and you need to dedicate between 4-6 hours. This time is spent on coursework and live classes. It’s completely online so all you need is a laptop and internet!

You will be put into groups to carry out projects for 4 of the 5 modules with one module being an online assessment.

By joining Squared Online you’ll be joining our Squared Online alumni. This will allow you to share your knowledge and learn from lots of marketing all over the globe. The learning doesn’t have to stop once you graduate.

You will learn everything from our squared experts who have years of industry experience! They will help bring your course to life with their experience and knowledge of the digital world and marketing.

We also have our support team on hand to help you with anything you need throughout your squared course.

What you’ll need

To get started you’ll have to have:

  • A first or second-class University degree OR
    3 + years’ experience in Marketing
  • A Level 4 marketing qualification

What you’ll learn

Together we’ll cover 5 modules over 5 months:

Module 1: Embracing change

  • Understand how to evaluate the changing digital landscape
  • Understand and explain how marketing functions can respond to digital disruption  
  • Suggest ways businesses can adopt digital first behaviours  

Module 2: Customer-centricity

  • Understand how organisations engage with targeted segments 
  • Use customer centric approaches  
  • Apply customer journey frameworks to amp customer needs  
  • Align brand values across marketing practices  
  • Propose social engagement strategies to address targeted segments and brand values  
  • Create a content plan 

Module 3: Digital Channels and Technologies

  • Integrate technology into customer-centric marketing strategies  
  • Optimise mobile technology  
  • Plan effective search campaigns  
  • Develop relevant display and video strategies to engage 
  • Devise a programmatic approach to integrating channels  

Module 4: Data, Analytics and Single Customer 

  • Assess data to inform strategic decisions  
  • Explain the fundamentals of data and analytics to enable strategic marketing decisions  
  • Develop marketing measurement plan to translate your business objectives into goals  
  • Use Google analytics to develop customer insights  
  • Apply attribution models to optimise budget allocation  
  • Devise strategies to tackle data fragmentation and create a single customer view  

Module 5: Creating Change 

  • Recommend transformational strategies to leverage technology in marketing practices  
  • Evaluate the impact of technological developments on marketing strategies to drive future business decisions  
  • Examine and how an organisation’s culture affects the adoptions of digital first, customer-centric marketing strategies and recommend ways to enhance this.

Your flexible payment options

The Squared Online certificate costs £1,659 + VAT.

If you are paying for the course yourself, you can be pay over two or three months with no interest.

We can also work with you to build a business case for your employer, if you’d like for them to pay. After all: they benefit too!