There are many reasons why people enter Human Resources. It is an exciting, varied profession in which ‘people’ people thrive. With opportunities to influence all aspects of an organisation and tackle a range of key business issues, HR covers a range of activities but fundamentally it’s about generating performance through people and promoting sustainable performance.

Here are our tips to make sure you make your mark in your HR role…

Be a strong communicator- excellent communication skills are a must in HR. Whether it’s persuading new employees to join the company or pacifying conflicts within the team, HR practitioners should recognise the need to work in partnership with others to maximise results.

Don’t get left behind- Keep up to date with industry news and current and emerging trends. Read HR journals, subscribe to magazines such as Employee Benefits and keep an eye on the latest HR research from CIPD to ensure you are demonstrating best HR practise.

Multi-tasking is key – The great thing about HR is every day is different; you could be dealing with an employee’s personal issue one minute and urgently recruiting for a position the next. Being able to deal with these diverse tasks efficiently is a must.

Develop your skills- Make sure you are showing continued interest in developing your HR skills and knowledge. Professional HR qualifications such as those offered by CIPD will not only advance your HR expertise but employers will be extremely impressed that you are dedicated to your profession and adding value to the company.

Have a curious mind- Having an inquisitive approach is an essential trait of a successful HR professional. Look for better ways employees can work together or processes your company could adopt and be interested in the people around you.

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