A household name that serves hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide, Colgate-Palmolive stands by its three fundamental values – Caring, Global Teamwork and Continuous Improvement. Colgate puts people front and center – a philosophy that is increasingly important, in the age of digital.

In Asia Pacific, Colgate and its digital education partner, Avado, joined hands to create a professional development journey for its people leaders and internal talent, to further embed consumer-centric mindset and behaviors that are suited to the fast-evolving digital landscape.

A Dedicated Learning Journey: Across the Organization

With an ambitious timeline and a set of clear learning objectives, the bespoke training program Avado developed for Colgate was rolled out to senior executives, people managers, team leads and country practitioners.

Delivered within a 12-month timeframe, the program embedded new ways of working, with precision and success. Consumer-centric mindset was at the heart of decisions, strategies and campaigns, demonstrated through practical business applications, and reinforced by collaboration across teams and functions.

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