Hearing back from our students about their course experiences and how it has affected them both professionally and personally is absolutely our favourite part of our job.

Sarah, an Assistant Manager from London, is one of our AAT Level 3 Students and she has shared with us why she embarked on this accounting pathway, what helps her keep motivated, her highlights (and challenges!) during the course so far and her hopes for the future…


My current role

I am currently working as an Assistant Manager at an Electrical Wholesalers but I have a very varied role in that I not only manage people and serve customers but I also do a bit of purchase ledger, sales ledger and credit control, they certainly never advertised that aspect in the job role but it is really enjoyable!

I chose to take the course as I really enjoy the accounting side at work and I reached a point where I didn’t want to manage other people anymore. In the sales and retail industry there is only so much you can do and be and I felt like I had reached a dead end. In accounts the possibilities are endless which is what really attracted me, there is flexibility in working for yourself or for a company.

Gaining confidence
The course has given me so much more confidence in the work I am doing in my day job but it is also giving me that foundation in accounts and exposure to software such as Sage which will make me more employable when I go for an accounting role as a lot of companies use Sage.

Keeping motivation high
The way the course is structured allows me to plan ahead and to meet targets which is great as I tend to be really intense on occasions and then have those moments when I slack and can’t be bothered. This course has that structure and pace that is manageable and most importantly keeps me constantly engaged. I like that you can easily contact the tutor by phone or email and talk to my class mates on the student forum giving each other tips and encouraging each other to push through. It has that normal class structure at a college but in the comfort of my home and it is done in a way that, I think, makes it impossible for you to fail if you follow the steps in the lesson plan leaving me confident that on exam day I will be graded as competent.

Pushing through the challenges
In the initial part of the course I found it challenging as I was learning about the double entry system and what are debits and credits, getting that understanding which was alien to me. But once I understood it I was able to apply it easily but I really worked hard to gain that understanding as I was studying everyday after work and had a full weekend studying. Now, nearing the end of Level 2 feels like a cool down moment after running a race.

My highlight
I gained ‘exceeded’ in the exam part of all the units which said to me that I got 100%, I called my mum immediately to tell her as soon as I stepped out of the building-it felt great! I also enjoyed learning Sage which makes trial balance, reconciling and correcting errors super easy, I really enjoyed that module.

Looking to the future
I hope to continue on in my AAT studies and find a job in accounts while studying level 3 so that I get more of the practical experience rather than just relying on the qualification to land that big break. I am also looking to get a degree in accounting as a lot of firms look for that and to then study to be fully qualified.

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