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Accountants work at the heart of every business with fantastic opportunities to work in a variety of fields such as taxation, analysis and financial management. Without a doubt an integral part of all companies, with the right skills and knowledge, any aspiring or established accountant will be able to move from entry to management-level in this rewarding profession.

Develop your expertise

In the accounting profession, professional accounting qualifications are the key to progressing up the career ladder. They prove to employers that you have the right skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to work successfully in an accounting role. Suss out your career goals, how quickly you can attain them, then plan what skills you will need to develop and what areas of expertise you should study more.

Get as much experience as possible

As important as professional qualifications are, a good variety of accounting experience will help land you the job you want as employers believe you can make an impact immediately. If you have no previous experience, show initiative; try writing to firms asking for experience. Alternatively, temping or even volunteering for an accounting role at a local charity will give you that crucial experience for your CV.

Work on your ‘soft skills’

So we know you will need accounting-specific knowledge to have a successful career but if you want to make your way up the corporate ladder you will also need to develop ‘soft skills,’ such as your ability to communicate, influence and be a strong leader. Advancing your career means eventually moving into a management position, so mastering these skills is important.

Expand your network

‘It’s not what you know but who you know’- well, you do need to know your stuff but you can’t forget to network!  You never know when a business contact could help further your career or offer some invaluable advice, whether this is through LinkedIn or email, put the effort in to stay in touch.

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