How to Select the Best Online CIPD Training Provider?

The quality of CIPD training resources will vary significantly across providers and this can have a significant impact on your overall learning experience. Here’s a list of considerations when comparing providers – 

Is the training provider experienced in delivering CIPD training 

Experience counts for a lot in professional training, and this can have a bearing on how well-prepared you are to succeed in your qualification.  

Key things to look out for here are; 

  • Is the training provider approved by CIPD? 
  • How long have they offered CIPD training? 
  • What are their completion rates?  
  • Do they have learner testimonials?  
  • Do they have any third-party recognition such as awards? 

What format of online learning content is the provider offering?  

Online training is a catch-all for various formats of training. It can include everything from pdf copies of textbooks to high-quality interactive video production and activities.  

Key things to look out for here are; 

  • Format. What format is the content delivered in? Text heavy or interactive. 
  • Variation. Is the course delivered in a single format or varied throughout?  

How is the online training delivered?  

This refers to the learning environment where you will spend time studying. If you are completing a 12-month programme, you will spend time here every week, so it is important to pick the right place for you.  

Key things to look out for here are;  

  • User interface. What does the training provider’s online learning environment look and feel like?  
  • Is it easy to navigate? Are the key tasks you need to complete each week easy to find?  
  • Are there any features that will make completing the course more enjoyable or offer you extra support? Ie. Support with assessments? 

How experienced are your tutors?  

Assuming you select a training route with tutors, it’s important to understand their level of competence.  

Key things to look out for here are; 

  • Do the tutors have industry experience or are they teaching from a purely academic perspective?  
  • How many years of industry experience do the tutors have? 
  • Do the tutors hold a teaching qualification? 

Are you learning alone or in a cohort? 

Is there any level of interaction between other learners on the training programme (live or via forums)? Are there opportunities to learn from others, or just your tutor? 

Key things to look out for here are; 

  • Will there be elements of the course where you will interact with other HR professionals? 
  • Does the training provider encourage networking and interaction across learners?

When you need support, who is there to help you? 

Support is key to most learning journeys. But we don’t always need support during office hours. So, it is important to understand how the training provider can support you throughout the training. 

Key things to look out for here are; 

  • Human support vs automated responses 
  • Standard response times / when support is offered 
  • Tutor support vs administrator support 

How will you receive assessment feedback?  

CIPD qualifications include multiple assessments. Passing assessments is understandably important to the learner as it has a bearing on successfully completing the course. Therefore, it is important to understand how your training provider supports you in these key moments in your learning journey.  

Key things to look out for here are; 

  • Support prior to the assessment being issued. Such as briefing sessions and resources.  
  • Support while you are working on your assessment criteria. Such as feedback and guidance.  
  • Quality of feedback. Is the feedback structured and will it help you pass next time if you failed the first time?  
  • Speed of feedback from markers. This can vary across providers. 

Is the training provider offering any added value?  

Some training providers will offer additional resources or ongoing support, or even career support in addition to standard course materials.  

Key things to look out for here are; 

  • What resources are offered and over what time period?  
  • How will the resources be accessed? 

Why do learners choose Avado?  

  • Avado has over 10 years of experience supporting HR professionals in accelerating their careers through our award-winning CIPD qualifications. As one of the largest CIPD training providers, we have deep relationships with CIPD and are one of their exclusive Organisational Development Partners (ODP). 
  • Our learning is created by expert learning designers, it features high quality, interactive learning resources, thoughtfully crafted into meaningful learning journeys.  
  • Our virtual learning campus is market-leading; you are going to spend lots of time here and we want the experience to be seamless. We also load our campus with exclusive features such as QuickScore to enhance your learning journey. 
  • Our tutors are the best in the business. Their experience is unrivalled and our TrustPilot reviews talk for themselves.  
  • We recognise the advantages of networking; our courses are designed to encourage group learning and collaboration, providing students with several networking opportunities. 
  • We offer support to fit all eventualities; Expert tutor support for academic queries, and 24:7 administrative support. We also offer a multilingual AI assistant who has been training on the entire CIPD curriculum. 
  • We care about assessments because we know how critical they are to our learners. That’s why we offer QuickScore for instant feedback on the flow of work (prior to submission), keeping you on track. And rapid formal feedback (formal marketing, post submission – 5 days avg.)  
  • Our commitment to your professional development goes beyond the duration of your CIPD course. We offer all our learners and grads exclusive access to Avado Connect; where you can access monthly masterclasses, network with 1000+ HR professionals, hire (or be hired) and access perks from our partners. 

Check out Avado, the UK’s most trusted CIPD course provider today for HR and L&D courses:  

CIPD Level 3 HR Courses: The CIPD Level 3 Certificate in People Practice is ideal for anyone looking to start a career in either HR or Learning and Development.  
CIPD Level 5 HR Courses: The CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management will help you build on your existing HR knowledge.  
CIPD Level 5 L&D Courses: The CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development is the most comprehensive course available for L&D professionals, ideal for you if you want to formalise your existing experience, skills and knowledge.  
CIPD Level 7 HR Courses: The CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma is aimed at expanding learners’ autonomy so they can strategically direct organisations and their people.

Nilesh Jha