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Sarah PowellRead how CIPD graduate Sarah Powell reflects on her experience with the Level 5 HR qualification, and how it put her on the right track to securing her dream career.

I needed a career that I’d want to be in in 20 years!”

As a mother of two young children and a long-term worker in the retail industry since pre-adulthood, Sarah realised that it was time to kickstart a career that she would be passionate about. When prompted about why she chose to study a CIPD qualification, she said she was seeking a career that she’d still want to be in in 20 years. “I sat down and made a list of everything I was good at and interested in, which lead to the CIPD Level 5 qualification and here I am!”

“I wanted quality, and I knew I could find it here”

But what were the top two factors that made Avado the most appealing learning provider for Sarah? “The flexibility allowing a balance between work, studying and my kids was definitely a course highlight,” she noted. “It was important that I could self-regulate the workload and fit it into my lifestyle. The structure was great for that, you can click into the activities and it would have a time estimation on it so you don’t have to start something that you can’t finish”. The second factor was our award-winning partnership with CIPD Enterprises, “I wanted a quality education, and I knew I could find it here because of the partnership”.

“I managed to fit the course in with a 50 hour per week job and two young kids”

Now almost 6 months into her new HR role, Sarah maintains that she doesn’t regret her time with Avado studying for a CIPD qualification. “Best decision I’ve made in a decade […] I apply learnings from the course on a daily basis at my job!”

She encourages others in similar positions to herself to take the plunge and allow their careers to grow with the qualifications offered by Avado. “I managed to fit the course in with a 50 hour per week job and two young kids, tracking my progress as I went. It’s full of effective learning methods and the tutor support was fantastic. In fact, two people in my family have been inspired to step forward and start studying again too! If you’ve got the aspiration, then one hundred percent get out there and get it done.”

Sarah has proven how much the right qualification can contribute to achieving your dream career. Avado offers award-winning CIPD courses to help you unlock your full potential and beat the competition.

Nilesh Jha