Marketing Courses

Whether you’re looking to advance your business on a digital platform, or just add an essential skill to your CV, a digital marketing course is an investment for your future career.

Strong marketing training provides you with the best ways to operate digital platforms in the most efficient manner.

CIPD Qualifications with AVADO Learning
  • Squared Online, developed with Google and powered by AVADO
  • Dot Native for Marketing
Why should you choose an online marketing course?
Online marketing certifications give you skills that will boost and future proof your career, allowing you to be an expert in digital marketing no matter your experience.
What marketing courses are available?

We offer two courses for marketing as listed below.

Squared Online is the award-winning digital marketing leadership course developed with Google.  Squared Online ensures you’re learning the most up-to-date thinking and skills. Each and every module of this digital marketing course is structured in accordance with our carefully designed learning principles.
Taught online over five months, you will need to commit to 4-6 hours a week for live classes and course work which can be done in your own time. The course is built to fit around your busy schedule even if you're already employed in a 9-5 job. The Squared Online course is developed with Google, so you’ll feel confident learning from industry professionals.
You will graduate with a certificate endorsed by the IPA, and accredited by the CPD – with skills highly sought after by brands, agencies and startups alike.

Dot Native is a bitesize learning platform with content covering digital marketing and digital business. The content is designed to boost digital awareness across your entire organisation and give your team the skills they need to build digital confidence.

DotNative graduates learn the basics of digital marketing and digital business to global organizations. The platform is suitable for your entire organization, as it is designed to create a baseline level of digital awareness for employees across all business functions.

Where can a digital marketing course take you?
Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to begin a career in digital marketing or want to refresh and improve on your previous marketing experience, a certified digital marketing course can open a lot of doors for you.
If you’re not studying to develop an existing business, future careers options include roles within SEO, PPC, content marketing, marketing managers and digital account directors.
Within the course you’ll explore areas such as email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing which are both vital and versatile skills for all marketing jobs. These highly sought-after skills increase career opportunities within brands, agencies and start-ups.
If you’re interested in either course or if you have any questions, fill in the form above and one of the admissions team will contact you.