How investing in agile practices can help to build long term resilience

Agility is the latest buzzword, but what is it, and how can businesses create it? Our Chief Technology Officer, Mike Fenna spoke with IT Pro Portal about investing in agile practices.  Since the pandemic began, it has become clear that agility is the one quality that sets businesses apart. The ability to quickly recognize change, […]

AXA UK invests in apprenticeships to develop data skills across all areas of its business

  ·    54 AXA UK employees attend the 18-month training delivered remotely by Avado ·    It is the first-ever data academy spanning all divisions of an insurance business ·    AXA UK is upskilling and futureproofing its workforce to enhance customer outcomes AXA UK is investing £810,000 in learning to upskill and futureproof its workforce. Currently, […]

Is COVID-19 costing young professionals their at-work education?

An independent poll shows that businesses favour those aged 30 and over for learning development while people between the ages of 16-29 are more likely to fund their own learning during lockdown An independent poll released today reveals an uplift in the nation’s interest for learning and education, with 32% of learners participating in free upskilling […]

How apprenticeships can remedy the UK’s A-level obsession

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mark Creighton, spoke with FE News about the importance of apprenticeships in the context of Coronavirus and A levels.  If A-level results day has taught us anything this year, it’s that education and fairness matter to young people. Of course, nobody wants to feel that they’ve been judged unfairly, but it […]

Maintaining engagement in a post-COVID workplace

Our Chief People Officer, Dean Corbett, spoke with HR Magazine about how businesses can keep their staff engaged.  In a pre-COVID-19 world, workers across the globe envisioned remote work as a way of striking the ultimate work-life balance. Fast forward to March 2020 when remote working became normalised overnight, transforming the working world far quicker […]

Digital learning courses unveiled by Avado in partnership with Google

Avado the professional academy, in partnership with Google, today launched a range of digital learning labs and new iterations of award-winning Squared Online qualification, also developed with Google. As part of the development of Avado’s Marketing Academy, the new digital learning labs and mini-labs have been designed to accelerate marketing and digital knowledge while reflecting shifting behaviours in markets. […]

Upskilling the economy: Learning, not hiring, could reduce the skills gap

Mark Creighton spoke with Training Journal.  With rising unemployment across the UK and large numbers of workers still on furlough, there has never been a time when training and upskilling were more vital – or when such large numbers of people have enough time to participate. The government has also recognised the crucial value of […]

FastFutures launches: A ground-breaking digital skills programme, backed by leading global employers to prevent a lost generation

FastFutures is a ground-breaking digital and personal skills programme, coaching education leavers on vital workplace skills, backed by leading global employers to help secure part or full-time employment  Aiming to provide tens of thousands of free places annually, with inaugural 12-week programme launching with 1,000 free places   Founding employers include a cross sectoral group of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world alongside start-ups and scale-ups: AstraZeneca, Agilisys, […]

Be agile or be at risk

If online learning wasn’t a strategic imperative before Coronavirus, it has become one more or less overnight Avado CEO, Mark Creighton spoke with FE News on how Avado is remaining agile in such uncertain times. Agility has always been an important mindset but we now find ourselves in the position where it is a matter […]

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