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How apprenticeships can remedy the UK's A Level obsession

Many young people are consistently told that the only route to a successful career is University, often disregarding the apprenticeship route. Our CEO, Mark Creighton spoke to FE News about how apprenticeships should be treated as an equally good route into a successful career. 

Presenting such a narrow set of career options during school years can be detrimental to those who don't do so well during their A levels. 

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How HR can revolutionise strategies post Covid

HR has been thrown into the deep end during this recent crisis. Our Chief People Officer, Dean Corbett spoke with People Management. 

They discussed living in the office, bringing honest conversations to the surface and the importance of self development. 

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August Roundup

Once again, as our lives remain restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the press continued to focus on how the pandemic has both affected and advanced areas of different business and industries. We landed coverage in Tech Republic and HR Magazine, read the roundup to find out more. 

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Digital learning courses unveiled by Avado in partnership with Google

Avado in partnership with Google, today launched a range of digital learning labs and new iterations of award-winning Squared Online qualification, also developed with Google.

As part of the development of Avado’s Marketing Academy, the new digital learning labs and mini-labs have been designed to accelerate marketing and digital knowledge while reflecting shifting behaviours in markets.

The programmes are available for a remote learning environment and ideal for understanding forever-changed consumer behaviours. 

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Maintaining Engagement in a post-COVID workplace

Our Chief People Officer, Dean Corbett, spoke with HR magazine about how Avado and other businesses need to maintain employee engagement. 

During the pandemic, remote working became normalised overnight, transforming the working world far quicker than imagined. In the article Dean discusses how Avado is supporting it's employees and how engagement needs to remain a high priority on business' agendas. 

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Why we need to upskill our economy in the aftermath of COVID-19

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mark Creighton, spoke with Education Technology about how the pandemic has accelerated the need for tech-literate, data-minded workers. 

He talks about investing in learning, the impact of VR and AR, as well as how we can support tech-savvy workers. 

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Upskilling the economy: Learning, not hiring, could reduce the skills gap

Our CEO Mark Creighton, spoke with Training Journal about the value of training and upskilling during 2020's crisis. 

He mentions that we were already facing problems before the coronavirus pandemic with the rise of automation and a lack of skills amongst workers. The pandemic has only accelerated the pace at which this is happening. 

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FastFutures Launches, a ground-breaking digital skills programme, backed by leading global employers to prevent a lost generation 

FastFutures is a ground-breaking digital and personal skills programme, coaching education leavers on vital workplace skillsbacked by leading global employers to help secure part or full-time employment 

Aiming to provide tens of thousands of free places annuallywith inaugural 12-week programme launching with 1,000 free places  

Founding employers include a cross sectoral group of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world alongside start-ups and scale-ups: AstraZeneca, Agilisys,, Barclays, Blenheim Chalcot, BT, Legal & General, ModulrHealth Education England and its partner NHS bodies, Octopus Group, Salary Finance, Standard Chartered and Tate & Lyle. These employers have provided the investment and content to create this unique programme.  

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June Roundup

Throughout June there was still a big emphasis on the Coronavirus in all publications. We landed press coverage in both IT and HR sectors, find out what we had to say about how companies can continue digital transformation and more...

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COVID-19 must be the catalyst for digital evolution to thrive 

"When talking about digital innovation, it’s easy to play buzzword bingo. Terms like AI, big data, augmented reality, blockchain and machine learning have been used to death and even the phrase ‘digital transformation’ is a buzzword that’s had its time – people talk about whether they have ‘finished’ digital transformation. 

At Avado, we think of it instead of being ‘digital evolution,’ a process that constantly evolves, with new opportunities emerging from both new technology and new ways of working."

Our CTO, Mike Fenna spoke with New Digital Age about how businesses must drive digital evolution.

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May & April News Roundup

During April and May the UK and many other countries were forced inside due to lockdown measures. It was a point in which, so many businesses were having to adapt to remote working at a scale that no one could have ever imagined! Here’s what Avado had to say in the press during this time..

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If online learning wasn't a strategic imperative before Coronavirus, it has become one more or less overnight

"Agility has always been an important mindset but we now find ourselves in the position where it is a matter extreme urgency and relevance. 

What's important to keep top of mind amidst all the chaos is that as an industry, we remain people focused, from tutors and product designers, to the learners themselves. A people first mentality needs to be the centre of any changes to a business model right now."

Our CEO, Mark Creighton spoke with FE News on how Avado is remaining agile in such uncertain times.

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At its core, agility is usually a question of bravery

Coronavirus has challenged business like never before. It's become clear that agility is more than a buzzword and in this current climate, companies need to act fast. 

Whether it’s restaurants moving to offer takeaway and delivery; or learning companies shifting face-to-face education online, there are many examples worldwide of bold, innovative companies finding ways adapt.

Our CEO, Mark Creighton spoke to Education Technology on three core principles to agility; digital transformation, time is of the essence and 'A' is for attitude. 

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Avado focuses free learning on leadership post-lockdown

Avado has today launched 36 hours of free online learning modules to support career development and help people upskill during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nine free online learning courses across leadership & change management have been released helping people navigate challenging times.

Read more about what we did and why in the full press release. 

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Building a Data Culture

At Avado, we believe that every business needs a data culture. This means placing data at the heart of all its decisions and ensuring every single person in the business is confident interacting with data.

Leaders inspire through action, basing decisions on data, not intuition. Building a data culture future-proofs an organisation against obsolescence, meaning its systems and staff are always at the cutting-edge of what modern technology can achieve. 

Our CEO, Mark Creighton spoke with Digital Bulletin about the importance of a data culture. 

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February News Roundup

This year saw National Apprenticeship Week celebrated a month earlier. Usually planned for March, it was moved to early February, with these year’s theme announced as #LookBeyond.

Read our monthly round up to see all our news coverage this month on apprenticeships.

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IPG Mediabrands Launches Apprenticeship Programme To Recruit New and Diverse Talent

IPG Mediabrands, the global media arm of Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG), has announced the expansion of their apprenticeship programme, MOTION, intending to become the most progressive apprenticeship programme in the industry.

MOTION will run in partnership with Arch, powered by Avado. Both IPG Mediabrands and Avado have been working together since 2013, and the apprenticeships they have run so far have proved highly successful, leading IPG Mediabrands to expand the programme throughout their network.

Find out more in the full release. 

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Is 2020 the age of the apprentice?

An Apprenticeship is a career route that has been overlooked for too long. This National Apprenticeship Week we had a fantastic opportunity to re-energise, redefine and relaunch it for students, parents, teachers and applicants.

In today’s economy, it has never had more value. Carrying with it a wealth of benefits - apprenticeships are more than a non-traditional route to a career, they’re arguably the defining route of our age.

Research conducted by Avado shows that these misconceptions are finally falling away. Our CEO, Mark Creighton spoke with FE News. 

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The 'Best Career Route' Revealed

Apprenticeships have long been considered a fast route for young job-seekers to make it into their chosen career and it seems managers and parents have also dubbed them as the ‘best career route’.

Research of 1,000 individuals by Avado discovered that 68% of parents said they believed apprenticeships were a good career option. In a separate survey of managers, 71% expressed their belief in the value of non-traditional qualifications such as apprenticeships.

Our CEO Mark Creighton spoke with HR Grapevine.

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Training Journal interviews our CEO Mark Creighton

Mark Creighton tells Training Journal why he's championing apprenticeships as a great career path. 

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In celebration of #NationalApprenticeshipWeek UK research that suggests #apprenticeships are the best tool for a successful career

Research released today by Avado finds that both UK parents and managers believe apprenticeships are the best routes to a good career.

In a survey of a thousand people, 68 % of parents said they believed apprenticeships were a good career option. In a separate survey of managers, 71 % expressed their belief in the value of non-traditional qualifications such as apprenticeships. 

Our CEO, Mark Creighton spoke with FE News.

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Avado Provides 20 of Top 100 UK Apprenticeships

Arch, powered by Avado, are the suppliers of 1 in 5 of the UK’s top 100 apprenticeships, according to RateMyApprenticeship.

Programmes run by household names such as McDonald’s, TUI, and Greene King are all provided by Arch. McDonalds offers a total of 69 Avado apprenticeships, including 60 CIPD HR Learners at Level 3, and 8 at Level 5. TUI also have 5 learners on HR courses at different levels in the business.

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Avado works with Zurich to launch their Data Academy

Zurich is taking the first steps to becoming a data confident organisation through the launch of its data academy powered by Avado. 

Their new data academy apprentices will have the opportunity to apply learning in their roles, develop their skills by using data to benefit customers. This includes keeping personal data safe and using insights to help Zurich continue to develop innovative solutions beyond insurance such as smart services for people's home that can help improve their health and well-being. 

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