August Roundup

Once again, as our lives remain restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the press continued to focus on how the pandemic has both affected and advanced areas of different business and industries  

Our Chief Technology Officer, Mike Fenna, spoke with Tech Republic about the pressure within the  education sector to innovate in the post-pandemic landscape. Chatbots and AI are an emerging trend within the industry and as our CTO says, “chatbots could eventually be used as virtual tutors, to monitor students’ progress and provide real time feedback.” 

"Chatbots have been around for a while, but to provide effective support for learners, they need to move beyond being a way of searching frequently asked questions, and instead integrate with existing learning systems so that they can provide personalised information to the learner, and also to make changes for the learner in those systems." 

Meanwhile our Chief Executive Officer, Mark Creighton, spoke with HR Magazine in response to a new report from the centre for social justice which says that ‘apprenticeships lean too heavily towards highly qualified employees and not enough towards school leavers’.  

Mark told HR Magazine that apprenticeships were vital for young people who are faced with the biggest challenges of their lives. He said “There is serious concern for the freefall in apprenticeships, which do so much for young people from disadvantaged communities in particular. However, I disagree that this is due to an over-heavy lean towards higher-level apprenticeships, which have a great deal of value in their own right. They allow people to upskill continuously in a fast-moving economy. 

“We hope that the government will act on the report’s recommendations, particularly on enabling more SMEs to offer apprenticeships and subsidising apprentice wages to protect them from unemployment in the coming months.”