Vodafone’s Digital Academy

About Vodafone

Across 23 markets, we provided the Vodafone University Excellence Team with a multi-disciplined academy to meet the needs of different bands within their global function.

The challenge

Vodafone wanted to continue their journey towards becoming a Digital Telecommunications company. Their main ambition was to enable mindset shifts and allow everyone to understand the value of digital and data.

The solution

  • Digital Leadership Workshop: Together, we conducted a two-day workshop designed to inspire a mindset shift to more agile, innovative ways of thinking. Through boosting their digital knowledge and exposing leaders to new ways of thinking we were able to successfully allow people to see the value of digital transformation.
  • Google Squared Online: We further implemented our Squared Online Digital Marketing Leadership Course. A 5 month, online course that allowed for marketing teams to be exposed to theory and knowledge behind Digital Marketing. Creating Digital Marketing Leaders.
  • Dot Native: Finally, we introduced our bite-size data modules on a wide scale to help increase data literacy across the business.

What success looked like

About Avado

At Avado, we believe in unlocking potential and changing lives. Learning with us makes real, lasting change happen for individuals, and entire organisations. Through our connected learning experiences in Data, Marketing, People, and Agility, we can help you drive real change.

Going beyond just technical skills, our award-winning programmes help teams find success in an ever-evolving world. With a strong emphasis on the behavioural and mindset shifts needed to embed new capabilities, we’ll work together to develop leaders, teams and individuals through interactive learning experiences.

Tara MacInnis

Posted May 17, 2021