Live online classes

Enhance your learning experience by taking part in group lessons with your tutors and fellow learners.

  • Delivered by experts
  • Interact with classmates
  • Interact and ask questions

Regular live classes tailored to your needs

Although your learning will be entirely online, it's still really important to interact with your tutor and fellow learners. Regular scheduled live session through our online classroom give you a focal point for your studies in each unit and the chance to get involved.

Engaging teaching from the experts

Don’t settle for ancient recorded lectures – all our courses feature live classes throughout your studies. Our tutors have loads of experience both teaching and working within their subject areas; so you can be confident you’re being taught by the best.

Get your questions answered

Live classes aren’t just about taking notes; you’ll get an opportunity to interact with your tutor and you fellow students. Your tutor will be happy to go into more detail about any areas you’re unsure on, and will even open up discussion to the class.

Tailored to your needs

Our tutors don’t just rehash the same classes over and over again; they carefully monitor students’ progress based on their progress and questions they’ve been asked, adapting their classes to address the areas you and your peers are struggling in. This is especially important for our revision classes, which are included in the price of your course.