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First Multilingual Learning Coach for CIPD Qualifications

Personal tutors are no longer the preserve of the most fortunate. Today, Avado announced the launch of Ava, Avado’s new learning coach for CIPD qualifications. Beginning in November, all learners will have access to Ava, who can speak virtually every major language. More than just another chatbot, Ava is trained on Avado’s curated knowledge base, learner’s individual progress and the CIPD’s extensive online resources using proprietary software and the most advanced generative AI models.

This means that, in addition to the pre-existing market-leading support that results in 94% of learners passing their exams, learners will now have access to instant, 24/7 support.

Ava is the learner’s personal tutor and work assistant all in one.

Ava speaks the learner’s language. Tailored to the needs of a diverse workforce, and reflecting the strong international growth of the CIPD, Ava can respond in more than 95 languages. So while courses are delivered in English, learners are able to communicate in the language they feel most comfortable in. Jasper Joyce, CEO of Avado said “Ava’s new technology unlocks possibilities that were impossible only a few months ago. Your learning coach can take you directly to the content relevant to your question, help you to reflect on your learnings, and even support you with the right knowledge for work-related tasks. Moreover, our highly international learner base can now express themselves in their own language. We are reimagining the way learning is done so that we continue to strengthen Avado’s position as the market leading CIPD accredited learning centre.”

Nilesh Jha