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Did you know that becoming a Chartered Manager is the highest status that you can achieve in the management profession and it is only awarded by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)? We have created a step-by-step guide of how you can achieve this award and excel in your managerial role.

Who is CMI?

  • CMI is the leading chartered professional body in the UK for management and leadership.
  • CMI gives leaders and managers the skills and techniques needed to improve their professional performance and the performance of their organisations.

Why become a Chartered Manager?

  • Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession. Chartered managers can add the letters ‘CMgr MCMI’ after their name.
  • Awarded only by CMI, thousands of UK managers at all levels and across all sectors now hold Chartered Manager status and highly value it.
  • A Chartered Manager’s average added value to their organisation is £391,443*
  • 83% of Chartered Managers say they are better managers after achieving Chartered Manager status.

Three routes to become a Chartered Manager

To begin your journey to become a Chartered Manager, you can take one of the available routes below:

The Exemption Route:


  • Completed the CMI Level 5 Diploma or above
  • 3 years of management experience
  • Assessment submission: written submission which covers the knowledge you have gained, the improvement in your management practice and the positive, measurable contribution you have made to your organisation.

The Qualified Route: 


  • Degree level qualification in Management, Business or Leadership
  • If you are qualified to a Level 5 Diploma, you will have to take the qualified route with 3 year’s management experience
  • If you are qualified to a Level 5 Certificate, you will have to take the qualified route with 5 years’ management experience
  • Assessment submission: written or professional discussion demonstrating consistent and effective performance in the past 18 months.

The Experiential Route:


  • 5 years’ management experience
  • Able to demonstrate effective management practice within the last 18 months
  • Assessment submission – 2 parts:

Part 1 – Written submission form to demonstrate consistent and effective performance in the past 18 months and telephone discussion with the assessor.
Part 2 – On-site interview assessing your knowledge.

The CMI Level 5 Diploma

The Chartered Management Institute offers a range of globally recognised qualifications in leadership and management, and you can now study the Level 5 Diploma online with their digital, strategic partner AVADO. This qualification, combined with 3 + years experience enables you to apply for  Chartered Management status via the Exemption route. Whether you have just joined the managerial world or have many years of experience in leading a team at work, this qualification is designed to give you comprehensive understanding of the latest management and leadership methods and theoretical knowledge. This course will help you build your leadership skills, in bringing your team and organisation forward. The Level 5 Diploma is also a recognised qualification, which will make you a valuable player in your team. This 12-month course is suitable for junior to mid management level who would like to move onto more senior roles.

Feeling inspired to excel your management career? Then why not start your CMI Level 5 Diploma today, click here for more information.

*Source: https://www.managers.org.uk/individuals/become-a-member/get-chartered