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An Argument for Encouraging Staff Development in All Sectors

When it comes to staff development in a workplace, there’s an old worry that accompanies it: “what if we invest in developing staff and they move on?” It can be countered with “what if we don’t and they stay?” It’s a classic “catch 22” situation.

We believe that the arguments for developing your staff far outweigh those against it. Training and developing your team is vital to the success of your business.

What is professional development?

Staff development provides activities or programs that help staff members learn about responsibilities, develop specific skills and qualities necessary to achieve company and career goals. A development activity can be any form of learning, on or off-site, from training courses to observation and shadowing senior staff.

As job descriptions, individual goals and a company objective can change, staff development can be a crucial aspect of office culture. It allows employees and employers alike to prepare for market shifts and new technologies that can benefit internal or external use, and actively build a development program into a company can retain and attract staff.

What is the purpose of staff development?

The training and development of staff can cover many bases, but primarily it is to make someone better at something or expand their skill set. This, therefore, improves the performance and efficiency of the employee, having a knock-on effect on the company itself.  That employee can then teach colleagues or identify new business opportunities.

Through the development of staff, companies can save money by avoiding recruiting new people to fill a gap in the workforce. Instead, staff development can enable a current employee to fill that role by expanding their role and skillset. This saved money can then be diverted into other areas, such as further learning opportunities.

What does CPD stand for, and why is it important?

CPD, or continuing professional development, is vitally important structured and delivered growth that benefits the employee – allowing them to grow, helping their department and employer. By offering to support staff, it gives them the opportunity to keep pace with industry and competitor standards.

The importance of professional development is that it can attract and retain staff by offering your current and potential staff professional development, it shows you value their career progression and want to keep them long-term. In doing so, it makes employees more promotable and capable of leading others, taking on management tasks and decision-making responsibilities.

Why is it important to learn and develop?

From an employee perspective, they want to grow and be challenged in their work. According to the American psychologist, Frederick Herzberg, this is one of the key motivators that improves job satisfaction and morale at work, which in hand boosts performance and productivity. Offering development provides access to other motivators, such as greater responsibility and trust.

Staying on top of the market and professional development trends is imperative as it allows staff to keep up-to-date, achieve their goals and become a better employee. By learning, an employee takes on the ‘knowledge is power’ phrase and can apply it to assisting colleagues, giving them greater responsibility.

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