This week I caught up with Claire North, one of our AAT graduates who’s completed levels 2 & 3 and is currently studying level 4. Here’s Claire’s story…

“After having two children, I decided I wanted to move back into a finance role. When the children started senior school, I had a bit more time to focus on my career and decided to go back to the books!

After a bit of research, I realised AVADO ticked all the boxes: the flexibility of studying online, alongside the convenience of being able to take my exams, a short 20-25 minute drive away.

2 years ago, whilst studying my AAT level 2 qualification, I interviewed for a new job. After a few rounds, it was down to three candidates. The other applicants were more qualified in my eyes – one had more experience in the field, and the other had come from a higher salary. Yet, with my experience, and the fact that I’d started my AAT, I got the job!

After starting at my current company, I continued with AAT Levels 2, 3 and now 4. Seeing the immediate benefits of the qualifications, they agreed to pay for the rest of my training and at Christmas I received a pay rise. It’s been fantastic to benefit academically, professionally and financially.

Claire (1)-450515-edited

I’m learning so much on Level 4 – from management accounts to forecasting. My advice to anyone looking to take on an AAT qualification with AVADO? It’s online learning so make sure you’re disciplined with your time. At present, there’s a shortage of Finance professionals – I’m always getting bombarded by recruiters – so clearly the qualifications are worth the investment!”

With the right qualifications to back up your experience, you can make the same leaps as Claire. AVADO offers award-winning AAT courses to help you beat the competition and take the next step in your career.

At AVADO, we’re as much about learning as we are about people and making the experience as valuable as possible for students. To find out more about our AAT courses, click here