I am often asked – as part of my role as Senior Tutor for the various marketing courses offered by Home Learning College – how marketing qualifications are viewed within the profession. More than anything else, I am asked about the value of a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). What is the value of studying a CIM qualification? And what is the true value of CIM to the marketing profession? I will try to answer both these questions here.

Recognised globally as the leading professional body within the industry, CIM has over 65,000 members looking to develop their marketing talent and achieve professional recognition. It’s the largest, longest established and ‘most respected’ (according to CIM itself) marketing organisation in the world, more widely recognised than the American Marketing Association.

CIM qualifications cover many marketing roles and remits, with marketing courses tailored specifically for the particular stage you’re at in your marketing career. CIM courses are based on extensive research and constant feedback from employers who have told them the skills and knowledge they require, which is just one of the reasons CIM is considered ‘the choice for Marketing Professionals’ worldwide (Source: CIM, 2016):

  • A reputation for excellence: As the world’s largest organisation for professional marketers CIM have a global reputation as a centre of excellence and CIM qualifications are recognised worldwide.
  • Academic standards: Ofqual, the Government body that regulates qualifications and assessments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, has accredited CIM’s Introductory Certificate, Professional Certificate and Professional Diploma (others pending).
  • High-quality teaching: CIM tutors combine academic excellence with marketing expertise (all Home Learning College Tutors have over 15 years of marketing experience).
  • Improve your earning potential: According to CIM’s Marketing Rewards Survey, published annually by leading pay and benefits consultancy Croner, the average Chartered Institute of Marketing member earns at least 10% more than a non-qualified member over the course of their career (see below).
  • The benefits of membership: Registering for a course means joining The Chartered Institute of Marketing and accessing a valuable range of benefits. These include the Learning Zone, which is full of resources and information to help you with your course and career.

With the following courses in marketing on your CV you can expect to gain these roles with a rewarding salary*:

– Squared Online (developed with Google) Certificate in Digital Marketing
– CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing
– CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Executive: £32,500
  • Social Media Manager: £47,500
  • Digital Marketing Manager: £52,500

As a marketing course tutor I have helped students move from non-marketing roles (Call Centre Assistants, PAs and Secretaries) to gaining their first Marketing Executive role – and have seen many of them progress to other more advanced marketing roles with each course they progress through.

The CIM approach to study is unique. Although concepts and theory are covered in detail – the core of each course is practical, providing you with skills that can be used directly in the professional environment. This means you can start to apply your learning straight away. With a University Degree you may be asked to write an essay on a concept but with the CIM modules you are asked to produce reports, presentations or event create a Facebook page.

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