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We recently received a question on our Linkedin group from someone considering studying for the ADBL Executive Diploma in Digital Business, asking for some feedback from existing participants.

The ADBL Digital Business Leaders group

We have had some great feedback and I wanted to share the following post (with kind permission) from Anna Rogers.

“I am currently taking a mini career break but signed up to do ADBL to get a Diploma in my area of expertise. Here’s my thoughts:

  • Setting up: The community support team are really good. The course is ALL online but I was pleased with the telephone calls during set up. They phoned to check I had everything, set out next steps and are VERY friendly and chatty. It felt personal and welcoming.
  • Communication: There’s lots going on, forums, Google+ Groups, Webinars feels like a minefield of stuff at first but community support team give a really good overview of everything and it make it easy to follow and get involved.
  • Course Content: So it’s only week 2 (nearly 3) but here’s my overview. For someone like me who struggles to concentrate on anything that doesn’t hold my interest the course is perfectly set out. Short and snappy videos, some interviews, some presentations, some animated infographic type videos, Podcasts (makes a refreshing change) and some blogs to read. Webinars simple easy and clear. Guest speakers as well as actual ADBL leaders who are out teaching and coaching and share their experiences of real up to date information. Last weeks webinar including news items from recent events as well. I planned to do 1 hour and 3 hours later I was still reading and learning as the content is so engaging. I have learned some new things but for me a lot of it is confirming what I believed to be true, and revisiting some topics I had forgotten about.
  • Engagement: The course enables the group to engage and assignments actually included in the course make you get involved. For example in week 1 we had to introduce ourselves on a closed forum. Week 2 we had to comment on a topic and then reply to at least 2 other peoples posts. Which makes you read everything BUT more importantly has sparked some interesting conversations. There is Google+ group to join and also here obviously. I actually had a book recommended to me by one of the people on the course which I just bought from Amazon.

I was not looking forward to studying again, I love to learn but not study if that makes sense. This course layout and construction works really well for me and I wholeheartedly recommend it!!”

You can read the full post and the responses on our Digital Business Leaders group page.

Many thanks Anna! Great to know you are enjoying the course.

Do sign up to our ‘Digital Business Leaders‘ group on Linkedin and join over 3,000 leaders from many different industries and from all over the world.

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