National Mentoring Day: How mentoring helped Aiden restore a work-life balance

Aiden is a public speaker and volunteer for a charity, KEEN London. At just 20 years old, he has firmly established who he is and where he wants to be. Though he enjoys speaking to, and inspiring people in his blog and artwork, he had never been mentored himself before FastFutures. He found the experience […]

National Mentoring Day: How mentoring secured Mohammed’s dream job

Mohammed graduated in MSC Environmental Assessment and Management at the University of Salford. His strong relationship with his mentor Phillipa (Pip, as he calls her) from CGI, was pivotal in his imminent career as a Sustainability Advisor at CGI. It’s a role that was specially created for him, with help from Phillipa. Though highly qualified, […]

National Mentoring Day: How mentoring helped Gemma ace her job interview

Gemma recently completed a BSc in Digital Media Design and Development at the University of Greenwich. She just started working for CGI as a digital marketing and social media assistant, a role she largely attributes to the help of her mentor, Preneeta, from Salesforce, and the FastFutures programme altogether. “We got to know each other […]

FastFutures – Meet Pria Duncan-Benington

Meet 23-year-old FastFutures graduate Pria. Pria was volunteering and working part time assistant jobs whilst actively applying for internships and jobs. With only A-levels and no university degree, she felt her options were limited and was worried that she would not be able to get a job to get started on her career. After many […]

FastFutures – Meet Emmanuel Omole

Meet 22-year-old Emmanuel. Despite being a university graduate, Emmanuel struggled to get his foot through the door into a career in finance. With the pandemic, the job market took a huge hit which made is really tough for new graduates to get new opportunities. Although Emmanuel had the degree, and a good accounting skillset, he […]

FastFutures – Meet Mason Tyler

Say hello to FastFutures learner Mason. As a 3rd year Biomedical sciences student, Masons goal was to work on the business side of the pharmaceutical industry. With FastFutures offering, he was keen to broaden his horizons and learn more digital and business skills that his degree didn’t offer but would be essential for the roles […]

FastFutures – Meet Subomi Lawal

Meet FastFutures learner Subomi. Subomi was keen to gain new skills to help her in taking steps towards her career.  As an international student from Loughborough university, her goal was to secure a placement in a great company for her university placement year. To reach this goal she knew she had to make herself a […]