Data science and mental health care

As we all know, data science is everywhere from chatbots, to autocorrect, to predicting climate change. But, did you know that data science is also used in the field of mental health? It’s gaining popularity as data scientists and mental health professionals are starting to see the benefits of AI in this field. It’s a […]

How do you know if your organisational culture is effective? The truth is in the data

People teams have been breaking their backs over the last 18 months to ensure organisational culture hasn’t gone down the drain. But what’s been the point if you don’t know if you’ve succeeded or not? The pandemic has thrust People teams into centre stage and more is being demanded of People professionals than ever before. […]

Data security guide: How to keep your data secure

No matter what business you’re in, you undoubtedly have data that needs protecting. This is mostly a job for your IT department, but the entire organisation needs to be educated on what it means to protect data and how to avoid breaches. We caught up with two of our in-house experts to learn more about […]

What is Data-Driven Decision-Making?

With data the new oil, being ‘data-driven’ has become a buzzword. Find out what being data-driven looks like and the steps you need to make to get you there.  With it known that data-driven organisations outperform competitors, everyone’s trying to become one. But how do you do it? The journey begins with Data-Driven Decision-Making.  Data-Driven […]

How to Become a Data Analyst

Data is becoming increasingly available to businesses. In fact, 90% of the data available today has been created within the last 2 years. Therefore, Data Analysts are in high demand to help companies track their performance and work out where to improve. If this is a career you’re interested in pursuing, our guide looks through a Data Analyst’s day to day tasks, how much they earn and how to become one. 

Tackling the data skills shortage crisis
Tackling the data skills shortage crisis

The European Commission has warned that 346,000 more data scientists are needed by 2020. Recent research revealed that only 33% of full-time employees in the U.S. are confident in their data literacy. So instead of just hiring more data scientists, why don’t we upskill our workforce? 

Take aim at the data literacy skills gap with AVADO’s Tableau partnership
Take aim at the data literacy skills gap with AVADO’s Tableau partnership